Neuropsychological Evaluations with Children and Teens

neuropsychology children teens developmental disorders adhd dyslexia I have extensive experience for over a decade in conducting comprehensive evaluations that help to identify and diagnose learning disorders (i.e., dyslexia), neurodevelopmental disorders (i.e., ADHD, autism spectrum disorders), and psychological and psychiatric disorders (i.e., depression, anxiety). Knowing why your child is struggling in school can be very stressful for a parent. It is potentially upsetting when something seems to be getting in the way of a child’s ability to learn how to read, to process and remember information, to approach school work in an organized fashion, or successfully navigate peer relationships. Persistent, lingering questions about a child’s learning, social, or emotional difficulties can sometimes be addressed meaningfully through an evaluation. Far more important than any diagnosis or set of test scores, though, is an understanding of your child and his or her unique profile of strengths and weaknesses. In conducting every facet of the evaluation personally, it is my intention to communicate not only all of the evaluation’s findings in a clear, accessible manner, but also to make those recommendations that will be the most helpful to your child. In the end, it is my hope that the evaluation will serve as a guide to help your child once again (or for the first time) experience the joy of learning. Get Started Now
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