Adult Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

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When people consider psychotherapy, they often feel unhappy, lost, or stuck in patterns that they don’t entirely understand. People may find themselves burdened by painful or confusing patterns in interpersonal and romantic relationships. Sex and sexuality may be a troubling area in their lives. Their work lives and professional ambitions may feel stalled or not fully realized. Or they may feel haunted by traumatic experiences or upended by significant medical diagnoses such as cancer.

My hope in providing psychotherapy is to offer a safe, confidential, and collaborative process where together we can begin to foster understanding and a richer, more meaningful experience of one’s emotional life. I believe psychotherapy and, when appropriate, the more intensive experience of psychoanalysis, can offer a unique and safe opportunity to explore past experiences and present challenges in one’s life or personality that may interfere with a greater sense of personal and professional fulfillment.

In my view, it is vitally important to attempt to help people find their unique voice in life and to appreciate what is essential to their sense of self. Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis can offer a unique lens to gain greater awareness both of one’s outer life and one’s interior, emotional life. And it may help one to identify those maladaptive coping responses that get in the way of greater fulfillment, and replace them with ones that open up new possibilities.

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