• Children

    For Children struggling with emotional and behavioral problems or who are experiencing challenges associated with divorce, death of a loved one, trauma, or school-related difficulties.


  • Teens

    For Teens struggling with social difficulties, school-related problems, depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, or confusion about identity, sex, and sexuality.


  • Adults

    For Adults interested in psychotherapy to examine painful patterns in interpersonal and romantic relationships, struggles with achievement, challenges in finding one's voice and experiencing a deeper understanding of themselves, and problems involving emotional well-being.


Helping people enrich their experiences of relationships, expand their sense of possibilities, and enhance their sense of what feels vital to their identity for over 10 years.

psycho therapist parents children bartlett

Child Psychotherapy and Parent Guidance

I have experience working with children with a wide range of struggles.

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psychotherapist psychology

Psychotherapy with Adolescents

I work to help teens develop a more secure sense of themselves and of their place in the world.

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adult psychotherapy and psychoanalysis

Adult Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

It is my hope when working with adults to deepen their understanding of themselves.

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neuropsychological evaluations children teens

Neuropsychological Evaluations: Children & Teens

I conduct comprehensive evaluations that help to identify what may lay behind your child’s learning struggles.

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dr bob bartlett white plains ny nycDr. Bob Bartlett

I have been in private practice for over 10 years. From the beginning, I met both with children and adults. This pattern of working across the lifespan has been a model I have followed since the earliest days of my clinical training.

In my practice, I have consistently worked in 3 areas: individual psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with adults; psychotherapy with children and teens; and neuropsychological evaluations of children and teens.

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Three Core Strengths as a Psychotherapist

I am deeply interested in learning about my patients both with regard to their past as well as their present circumstances.  It is through such curiosity that I hope to develop a full and well-rounded picture of the uniqueness of my patients' lives.

I seek an understanding that, whatever the patient’s problems, they have become too much to bear alone and that in psychotherapy as in so many things, sharing one’s difficulties as fully and honestly as possible is the first step in finding one’s way through them.

It is not I who help, but we  -  both the patient and the therapist working together, exploring and asking questions together, and developing meaning together.  It is in such sharing and connection that help and healing are found. 

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