My Practice

Dr. Bob Bartlett

I have been in private practice for over 10 years. From the beginning of my clinical training I have met both with children and adults. My practice has consistently worked in 3 areas: individual psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with adults; psychotherapy with children; and neuropsychological evaluations of children and teens.

My clinical practice of psychotherapy is primarily psychodynamic in its approach. With this in mind, I focus on helping people  enrich their experiences of relationships, expand their sense of what is possible for themselves in life, and enhance their sense of what feels vital to their identity. When working with children and parents, I am very interested in helping children to feel a greater sense of developmental mastery and competence.

Children, for example, may need assistance in learning how to tolerate, manage, and express challenging feeling states such as anger, sadness, or anxiety. Their parents may also benefit from guidance about how best to facilitate this process. It is my intention to strengthen and improve communication between children and their parents as well as the security of their connection.

In addition to employing a psychodynamic approach to work with children and families, I also utilize cognitive-behavioral treatment strategies. In conjunction with this approach it is important to meet regularly with parents to support them in their role and to help them consolidate their children’s treatment gains at home. 

Practice Areas

psychotherapy practice child parent guidance autismChild Psychotherapy and Parent Guidance

For children diagnosed with disorders such as autism spectrum disorders and ADHD; and also children who have experienced divorce, death of a loved one, or instances of trauma or neglect.

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depressed teens anxiety sexuality psyotherapyPsychotherapy with Adolescents

I work with teens struggling with depression and anxiety, social difficulties, trauma, loss, and confusion about sex and sexuality; to help teens develop a more secure sense of themselves and of their place in the world.

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Adult Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

For adults facing a wide variety of challenges including: adjusting to significant medical diagnoses such as cancer, or working through sexual confusion, and examining painful patterns in interpersonal and romantic relationships.

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evaluation chilrdren teen neuropsychological disordersNeuropsychological Evaluations: Children & Teens

Comprehensive evaluations that help to identify and diagnose learning disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, and psychological and psychiatric disorders.

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